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Fight Battle Weight category Winner The result of the battle
1 Sergei Pavlovich (Russia) def. Kirill Sidelnikov (Russia) +93 kg Sergei Pavlovich TKO Rd.1
2 Viktor Pesta (Czech Republic) def. Alexey Kudin (Belarus) +93 kg Viktor Pesta Submission Rd.1
3 Vladmir Seleverstov (Russia) def. Charles Andrade (Brazil) 93 kg Vladmir Seleverstov Unanimous decision
4 Marat Magomedov (Russia) def. Rashad Muradov (Russia) 66 kg Marat Magomedov Unanimous decision
5 Rustam Madoyan (Russia) def. Mikhail Lebedev (Russia) 77 kg Rustam Madoyan KO Rd.1
6 Ramil Mustapaev (Russia) def. Vagif Askerov (Ukraine) 70 kg Ramil Mustapaev Submission Rd.2
7 Chermen Kobesov (Russia) def. Andrey Kurochkin (Russia) 77 kg Chermen Kobesov Submission Rd.1
8 Sergey Kistanov (Russia) def. Emil Khametov (Russia) 70 kg Sergey Kistanov Submission Rd.1
9 Ivan Okhlopkov (Russia) def. Mikhail Sarbashev (Russia) 70 kg Ivan Okhlopkov Submission Rd.1
10 Ivan Laponov (Russia) def. Oleg Savkin (Russia) 61 kg Ivan Laponov TKO Rd.2